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Piuma - Universoul - Vinyl Playback

About Universoul

Universoul is the first song on Piuma, the self-titled progressive rock album (EP), as well as the full length LP, Born. The song explores where we come from before we are born, the existence of an enduring soul, and the universality that connects us all. Musically, the song builds from an ethereal slow tempo intro into a peak, directly connected to the following song, Born.


Before he takes his very first breath, he is Universoul
Soaring across the starry heavens, part of the eternal
Together as one, existing in the infinite circle
Where we all unite; the Universoul

His time has come; he forms
His seed hits fertile ground; he filters down
Into five senses; the womb warms
The infinite vision fades as his embryo quickly grows

Forces compound ancestors’ lines, in the Universoul
Centuries of their voices echo into the forming whole:
“Be brave, be noble, kindhearted, in this lifetime’s role,
Remember, we are all Universoul"

Formed into his body
Cold fear pangs the life into his first breath
Now he is freewill embodied
One day to fully return, but now everything to relearn

Into the warm embrace of his mother’s arms
Serenity has found him
The calm settles him down into weightlessness
Muted flashes of light delight his silken dreams
Delight his silken dreams

For a moment he remembers:
We are all Universoul
We are all Universoul
We are all Universoul
We are all Universoul

Credits & Liner Notes

Produced by David Small
Mastered by Pete Lyman, Infrasonic Sound
Written/Performed by David Small/Piuma (ASCAP)
Release Date: November 12, 2015 | Cover Art by Piuma.
Copyright 2015 Piuma Publishing & Shining Light Records. All Rights Reserved.
Piuma Publishing and Shining Light Records are subsidiaries of SLR Music Group, LLC.