Piuma | Born (Album)

Born (Album) - Track List

  1. Universoul
  2. Born
  3. Beyond the Bubble
  4. As Far As the Eye Can See
  5. No Hesitation
  6. Nymph
  7. Never Let You Down
  8. Live Laugh Love


Piuma - Born - Live - Selected Playlist

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About the Album

Born was recorded live in the studio, at the Piuma (EP) record release show on November 15, 2015. While David Small wrote and recorded all parts for the EP, he enlisted Lamar Little (Drums), Max Butler (Keys), and Mike Roberts (Bass) for the show and LP recording.

The Concept

Born is about a seeker of truth. It is about his journey to find enlightenment. He faces injustices and environmental degradation, and resolves to take action. Piuma is inspired by the work of his heroes strives to carry their torch further—making his own positive mark.

An Environmentally Friendly Record

As was done for the Piuma EP, $1.00 from each album sale is donated to the Los Angeles nonprofit organization, TreePeople. TreePeople planted over 2 million trees over the past 40 years. Get your copy here.

Credits & Liner Notes

Produced by David Small
Recorded by Lon Miller, Kulak's Woodshed
Mixed and Mastered by David Small
Words and Music by David Small (ASCAP)

Performed by Piuma
Vocals/Guitar: David Small
Drums: Lamar Little
Keys: Max Butler
Bass: Mike Roberts

Release Date: November 4, 2016 | Cover Art by Piuma.
Copyright 2016 Piuma Publishing & Shining Light Records. All Rights Reserved.
Piuma Publishing and Shining Light Records are subsidiaries of SLR Music Group, LLC.