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Piuma at Stax of Wax in Malibu
March 3, 2016

Piuma is now in stock at Stax of Wax, the all new vinyl record store in Malibu, California. Concord Music Group wanted to open a "...distinctive store [that] offers a handpicked selection of essential new releases, classic reissues and box sets...for the ever-growing number of music listeners who appreciate and seek out the experience of high-quality artistry and sound that only a vinyl LP can deliver, and to celebrate and foster the relationship between the community, the patrons and the music that they love."

Great titles, beautiful store, and super knowledgable staff-in my favorite part of LA! Definitely worth a visit. Not in LA? Get your copy of Piuma here.

Piuma at Stax of Wax in Malibu California