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Review and Interview by music blog Here Comes the Flood
October 20, 2015

Piuma original portrait


Netherlands music blog, Here Comes the Flood, reviewed Piuma's EP today, describing it as "a sweet mix of catchy mainstream hooks augmented by plenty of nooks and crannies..." HCTF went on to describe Piuma as a "...multi-instrumentalist with a vision who carefully crafted his songs, playing all the instruments (guitar, keys, drums, bass, strings, synths)...[who] uses his music to show his love for the beauty of nature." Read the full review on Here Comes the Flood.


David Small of Piuma was also interviewed by the music blog, where he goes into detail about his record process, explains how shipments are factored into the carbon-positive formula, and lists more of his top musical influences. Read the full interview on Here Comes the Flood.