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Piuma - Ripples on the Water

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February 20, 2019

Ripples on the Water - Album Art

About Ripples on the Water

Ripples on the Water is a single released on February 20, 2019. It was recorded live in the studio, with musicians David Small (vocals, acoustic guitar), Charles Wiley (percussion), Max Butler (keys), and Ryan Song (cello). The song was filmed live by the clothing company Guess?, as part of their RESOURCED video. Guess? is working to pioneer a circular fashion program to help boost the recycling of old clothes and garments. Piuma's eco-friendly recording studio utilizes recycled denim insulation, which is why David provided an interview to help describe the benefits of using this recycled insulation, as old clothes take on a new life.

When Guess asked if Piuma could perform a song, Ripples on the Water was a perfect fit, since its concept aligns. The song is about how our individual actions can combine like ripples on the water, to build into waves of a greater collective movement. The acoustic arrangement, with guitar, cello, and cajon/shaker/tamborine, combined with the vintage Fender Rhodes, to create the organic feel, Piuma was seeking to create.


Down on the ground, don't give up
Reach out a hand, stand up
Sometimes it may seem like castles made of sand
But the difference we make, is beyond our vision
Out of our hands, we make

Ripples on the Water, cascade
Ripples on the Water, rise into waves

Jump in to stop the fighting, hug to stop the crying
Love conquers hate truly, there is no denying, we make

Ripples on the Water, cascade
Ripples on the Water, rise into...

Waves break down barriers, turning rock into sand
Waves change the landscape, they don't ask, they demand
We make...

Ripples on the Water, cascade
Ripples on the Water, rise into waves

Credits & Liner Notes

Produced by David Small
Written/Performed by David Small/Piuma (ASCAP)
Release Date: February 20, 2019 | Cover Art by Piuma.
Copyright 2019 Piuma Publishing & Shining Light Records. All Rights Reserved.
Piuma Publishing and Shining Light Records are subsidiaries of SLR Music Group, LLC.