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Prelude Press announces the release of FLOW
January 8, 2020

Album Art

FLOW - Album Art

About FLOW

FLOW is a single released on January 8, 2020. Written by David Small and performed by David Small, Mike Roberts, and Charles Wiley—the track explores the zen-like state of consciousness reached when all things are in balance, focused, and centered—either in sports, the arts, or a meditation.


Riding the waves, sun on my back
Mind is clear in all directions
Body warm, muscles slack
Dial focused to perfection

Watch myself make the next move
In harmony nothing to prove
Seeing in 360 now
I feel no pain, vibrating

There’s nothing else like it;
In the…

Throwing paint on a blank page
Pounding words as I hear them
Breathing fire from record to stage
At 24 frames a second

The statue breaks itself out the block
ISO 50 shutter locks
Hearing from the speakers now
That channeled vision

There’s nothing else like it;
In the…

Quiet the mind into the gap
Stretching into the infinite
Feeling the force from within
I float further down the stream

There’s nothing else like it;
In the…

Credits & Liner Notes

Produced by David Small
Written/Performed by David Small/Piuma (ASCAP)
Release Date: January 8, 2020 | Cover Art by Piuma.
Copyright 2020 Piuma Publishing & Shining Light Records. All Rights Reserved.
Piuma Publishing and Shining Light Records are subsidiaries of SLR Music Group, LLC.